Lost a Pet

We're here to help!

We receive a high number of animals in at our shelter and understand that losing a pet can be a very stressful experience. In this guide, we want to give you resources that you can use to help your pet get home to you faster.

  1. Fill out our Lost Pet Form below
  2. If you have not yet provided one, please send a photo of your missing animal to info@hsccl.org within 24 hours.
  3. Visit our main shelter location to see if your animal is here.

    Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake
    10200 CR 2403
    Tool, TX 75143

  4. Review HSCCL Found Animal Photos to see if a pet matching your description has come in.

Please note: Due to the high number of pets we receive we are unable to make a promise to contact you if one fitting your pet's description enters our care, and submission of a Lost Pet Report does not guarantee that you will be contacted if your missing pet is impounded at HSCCL.

You assume responsibility for following up on the receipt of this Lost Pet Report, reviewing HSCCL's found animal photos, and visiting as often as possible (we suggest daily or on staggered days) to find your pet before it becomes available for adoption. If you have not yet provided one, please send a photo of your missing animal to info@hsccl.org within 24 hours. Lost Pet Reports are kept on file for 30 days. If your pet is still missing after 30 days please file a new report.

Lost Pet Form

Lost Pet Checklist:

Following this list can assist you in your search for your lost pet

  • Facebook Groups
    • Cedar Creek Lake Lost Pets
    • Kaufman County Animal Control Lost and Found
    • Henderson County TX  Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets
    • East Texas Lost & Found Pets
    • Lost Pets of Athens & Henderson County
    • Lost And Found Pets Henderson & Kaufman Counties
  • Post flyers in your neighborhood
  • Notify area veterinarians and your veterinarian of losing your pet
  • Notify the microchip company to alert them about your lost pet, if chipped
  • Visit other area animal shelters and post lost pet notices
  • Check local newspapers for "found" pet
  • Don't give up hope. Pets have been found months after getting lost!
  • Pawboost is a paid service you can try too
  • Post and check out all your local websites, apps and social media pages:
    • Nextdoor
    • Finding Rover
    • Pawboost
    • Craigslist (Lost & Found)
    • Craigslist (Pets)
    • Lost Pet Registry
    • LostMyDoggie.com
    • LostmyKitty.com
    • Check out your dogs breed Rescue Groups
  • Check out your dogs breed Rescue Groups
    • It is always a good idea if your dog is purebred, or could be considered purebred, to contact rescue groups in the US who specialize in that breed. If your dog is not a purebred please continue to contact rescue groups JUST IN CASE!
  • Check out Petfinder
    • Petfinder provides a great resource on their website that allows you to search for rescue groups based on their breed as well as based on their location. Dogs are transported to rescues all across the U.S. so don't be afraid to contact out of state rescue groups as well just in case.